The world's first smart fingerprint padlock

Unbreakable design

Bold. Sturdy. Secure. Tapplock one is crafted for the practical. Forged with Zamak 3 zinc alloy metal body and 7mm reinforced stainless steel shackle, strengthened by double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry technologies. The lock features unparalleled industrial design finished with electroplating.

0.8 seconds to freedom

State-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint sensor allows unlocking in under 0.8 seconds. Stores up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users. Adaptive algorithm means the lock becomes faster and more accurate with each access.

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Sharing access is simple

Share Bluetooth access remotely with unlimited users. Set permanent access or limited access with flexible dates and times, and feel free to revoke access whenever you want. Track and monitor access history with time and location from the Tapplock app.

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The Features

  • Cutting-edge Fingerprint

    Unlock in 0.8 seconds using your unique fingerprint. Store up to 500 different fingerprints per lock for multiple users.

  • Water and Weather

    Water resistant up to IP66, rust-proof and rain-proof. Fully functional between -10C and 60C (14F and 140F).

  • Three Ways to

    Fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking using your phone, and backup Morse-Code unlocking by pressing long / short combinations on the power button.

  • Shareable Wireless Access

    Supports wireless Bluetooth access via the Tapplock app. Share & control access remotely to unlimited users, and view access history with time and location.

  • Unbreakable Durability

    Zamak 3 zinc alloy metal body with cut-resistant 7mm stainless steel shackle, double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry capabilities makes Tapplock one virtually unbreakable.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    Lasting up to a year battery life per 2 hours charge time (or 3,500 unlocks per charge). Check remaining power using the Tapplock app.

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